Being A Stay At Home Dad

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I am the father of a three year old boy named Logan we are really just your usual family except for one thing I am a stay at home dad and Logan's mother goes to work. Now I knew before Logan was born that I was going to be the one to stay at home. 
My pay was less than my wives and we could afford to live on just the one wage so it was decided very early on that I would be a stay at home dad. I am here to give you a little run down of what my life as a stay at home dad was like at first and maybe give you an idea of what to expect if you are going to become one.

First of all take a moment and think just how lucky you are that you get to spend so much time with your child. Its not easy being a stay at home dad far from it, for me personally I had never had any experience with looking after a baby before my son was born. I had worked in a school and with various youth clubs over the years but never been responsible for a baby, but hey it couldn't be that hard could it? After Logan was born Michelle (my wife) was on maternity leave so we did everything together and it was great I thought too my self looking after a kid is easy why all these people make a big deal out of it. But then something happened I was in the kitchen one day and looked over at the calendar and noticed something............................................ In 2 days Michelle was back at work and my life as a stay at home dad was about to begin.

So there it was 7.55am Michelle drove off to work and it was just me and Logan. Being a stay at home dad one of the things I will tell you and I don't mean to scare you, but being a stay at home dad can feel very isolating. There were times when I would go days without seeing another adult apart from my wife. It is very important to get out of the house if you can. Even if it's for just a walk down the street you need to do something to get your self out of the house for just little while. Not having any experience with a baby before I was surprised at just how dependant on you a baby was. I know your probably thinking well of course it is but the truth is I had no idea what to expect. Looking after a baby and keeping your house in order will keep you busy make no mistake about it.

A huge plus of being a stay at home dad is getting to witness so many of your child's firsts in life I still vividly remember the first time Logan laughed it was such a great moment one I will remember for the rest of my life. Now this brings me to another point for all you stay at home dads one that I hope can save you a little bit of trouble with your wife. When you are telling your wife or significant other what you and your child have been up to all day try not to make her feel like she is missing out on her child's life. This was something my wife found very hard she sometimes felt like she was missing out on everything. I didn't help by telling her every little thing Logan did, I wasn't doing to it make her feel bad at all but it made her feel bad for leaving Logan to go to work. So while your partner will want to know what your child has been doing just try and be tactful when telling them so they don't feel excluded.

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